Peter Cudek

A restless teen roaming the streets of Zilina in Slovakia, I was wild, directionless, and knew not what I wanted. Through a twist of fate, music captured me. It tamed me, grounded me, and then became my guiding compass towards purpose and peace. Unquestionably, music changed my life. 

My life with music began through a brief flirtation with punk and metal. Energised by the oomph of this genre, myself and friends formed a band. We obtained instruments but not knowing who would play what, we decided through a game of stone paper scissors. As chance would have it, I got the bass guitar. I immersed myself in its playing.  


As I embraced the bass guitar, it became apparent that the true potential of my playing may only be realised through a deeper understanding of its handling. Thus, I signed up for classes at a little school, surrendering myself to my first teacher, Mr Hudzik. Under his guidance, I understood better the bass, learnt how to read notes and cultivated a practice routine.


Along the way I met double bass player, Juraj Kalasz. He made such an impression on me that I decided to follow in his footsteps by taking up the double bass. It was not long before I decided to advance my learning of this magnificent instrument at the Zilina Conservatorium. It was here that my career in Jazz was born.


As my skill as a double bassist developed, I started to play alongside established musicians. Slowly but surely I created a name for myself and in 2004, a move to Munich was proposed to me. As the move appealed, I packed my bags. In Munich, alongside my playing, I evolved my musical studies at the Richard Strauss Conservatory with double bass great, Paulo Cardoso. It was Paulo who instilled in me a sense of believe that granted me the confidence to delve deeper into the relationship with my instrument.


In 2012, by way of a friend, I had a lesson with Ron Carter, a true living legend. In awe of Mr Carter, I was predictably nervous. Fortunately I managed to hold myself together and he welcomed me as his student. Since this defining moment, I have taken every opportunity to return to Ron, learning from him how to produce sound of depth and finesse. He is incontestably my teacher.


I am forever indebted to Ron for in addition to evolving my technical knowhow, he also showed me how important a focussed mind was, be it in the creation of music or in the transcending of a life challenge. Inspired by Ron, I chose to foster this quality. I did so through the practice of Yoga.


Within the yogic tradition, I found myself gravitating towards the Ashtanga Vinyasa method, a method that may best be described as the art of cultivating deep stillness in movement. I began to mould my life around this practice, slowly but surely instilling a sense of peace deep within myself, a peace that nourishes my life as musician.


Having learnt and then applied what it takes to be a dedicated musician, in 2015 the tides of life granted me the joining of the band Trio Elf. We have toured the world as a band, playing at concerts and festivals worldwide. The chemistry between us is one of harmony, a dynamic that brings a unique dimension to our playing. I believe it was this dynamic that facilitated our winning of the Bremen award in 2016, an award that we are indubitably proud to have won.


Today, in addition to Trio Elf, I also play alongside other bands and, have birthed an initiative of my own - Peter Cudek Trio